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More Sh*t my trainer says…

“I’m glad to see I have a nice full class tonight. Most of y’all are gonna be gone by next month. Just remember, when you don’t come to the gym, your money does! Thanks for paying my rent!” Advertisements

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Sh*t my trainer says

On Tuesday I went to a 45 minute Sports Conditioning class at my gym. Seriously, y’all. It was only 45 minutes. Taught by a skinny 60 year old man. I STILL can’t walk right. I’m THAT sore. Mostly he yelled … Continue reading

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Risk Takers

Recently my sister moved to Los Angeles, CA where she knows approximately zero people. She found herself needing a new hairstylist, new dry cleaner, new dentist, new everything. She found a new dentist and made an appointment. When the dentist … Continue reading

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Me: I think I peed in my shorts a little. Shawna: AWESOME! Did you tell Coach?? You’re a real marathoner now!

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Kara wants to sell my kidneys

Kara is my running buddy, and also a physician’s assistant. This means she has some sort of medical training most likely not from mob doctors or WebMD. Last week Kara told me that I should take a bath in a … Continue reading

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The Birds

For the sake of full disclosure, this story didn’t happen to me. It happened to Marci, but it’s so much funnier told in first person that I decided to steal it for myself. So this week I decided to go … Continue reading

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Have you ever had the dream that you went to school naked? Or that you registered for O Chem and then forgot to go all semester? Then you had to go take the final exam and you hadn’t studied or … Continue reading

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