Race Wrap Up- Tour De Cure

OK, to be fair- the TourDeCure is not a race. It’s a tour. BUT I still rode 106 miles, so give me a little credit.



We started out slow on Sunday, when Josh learned the importance of keeping jumper cables in your car. You live and you learn.

The century started in Reston town center, went 25 miles up the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, and ended up in Percellville where we took a 50 mile loop through the hills, then back down the trail the same way we came.

Team Name- Fear the Beard

Team Name- Fear the Beard

Along the way, we stopped at many rest stops filled with friendly volunteers, cheerleaders, amazing Subway sandwiches, and eager nursing students armed with band aids and sunscreen. The most hilarious thing that happened on this ride was that Tim managed to get a tan on just one side of his body. True story.

The hills were grueling and unforgiving, and the ride took us over 9 hours. At the end I decided this might be harder than a marathon. Physically I feel fine today and at the end of the ride I felt pretty good, but mentally I was drained. A 9 hour event is a very long event. It was definitely a Yogi Berra day. 90% of this ride was 50% mental.

At times I have entertained the idea of training for an iron man. I think I’m going to go ahead and put the nail in the coffin on that idea. A half iron man? Maybe. A full iron man? No thanks.

I want to thank Josh and Tim for encouraging me and supporting me. You guys were great team mates. Also, a big thank you to all the amazing volunteers. Your kindness and warm smiles made those rest stops the best part of the race.




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  1. Rebecca Shaw says:

    Good for you, Sweetie!

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