Help a sister out

I let this guy talk me into a century ride.


Really? That guy? Yep. That guy.

A century is a 100 mile bike tour, but this particular century has 8 extra miles of punishment at the end just in case your butt doesn’t hate you enough after 100 miles. This will be my first full century.

Here’s where you come in. The ride is actually a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I have to raise $250 to ride. When Tim tried to talk me into this the first time, I told him I don’t have 25 friends with $10 to spare. Or 10 friends with $25 to spare. Tim said he always makes his fundraising minimum for this race, because people like him.

So, help me feel like a winner and make a tax deductible donation to the American Diabetes Association. Odds are good you probably know someone living with diabetes. Make a donation in their name or donate anonymously.

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