The other Dallas cheerleaders

This weekend I went back to G-d’s country and ran the Dallas Rock and Roll half marathon. The race started downtown, went through all the Dallas hot spots, and finished at Fair Park.

Around mile 7, we were running through an affluent neighborhood when I saw the best thing ever. A woman dragged her couch out to her front lawn, dressed up in a bathrobe, curlers, and a mud mask, and sat on the couch with a sign that said “You woke me up for THIS?!” AAAAAAAND that woman wins the award for spectator of the year. Too funny. If all the spectators put forth that much committment, people would run races just for the entertainment value. Bravo, couch lady. Bravo.

Couch Lady

The race was good. The temperature was low 50s/high 40s, overcast, and slightly windy. The course was a little hillier than I would have liked, but otherwise very enjoyable. Way to keep it classy, Dallas.

Last but not least- Megan’s Favorite Signs:


2.) I want to come with you! (sign worn by a dog)

3.) Only a shitload of miles left!

Meredith and Megan


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One Response to The other Dallas cheerleaders

  1. Samantha says:

    Way to go, ladies! Lookin’ good.

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