Race wrap up- The Big Easy

Yesterday I ran the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon. I’m not quite sure if this was a PR, but I finished in 2 hours and 5 minutes. I’ll take it!

New Orleans is totally haunted and they serve booze 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which pretty much makes it the most epic city in America.

The day before the race, you’re supposed to enjoy a nice dinner of simple carbs, no alcohol (or just one adult beverage), and no walking tours. We instead went to the famous Pat O’Brian’s for fried alligator and hurricanes, followed by a walking ghost tour.

I think Will found a way around the whole "no drinking before the race" rule.

I think Will found a way around the whole “no drinking before the race” rule.

Yeah, Will found a loophole. Yes, the sign says IV therapy for hangovers and athletic performance. (No, I didn’t go there, but that is brilliant. Million dollar idea.)

The weather for this race was crazy. We started at 7am with chilly overcast skies and a nice breeze. We ran the first 7 miles or so through the garden district of New Orleans, right past the famous Belfort Mansion at Fourth and St. Charles, home to the cast of the original “Real World New Orleans”. Then we headed back towards the Quarter, where out of nowhere an evil blanket of humidity wrapped us up in oppression and hot sticky tyranny. Finally, we turned into the French Quarter and a thick fog descended so intensely that I couldn’t see the runners in front of me.

Fog 1

Fog 2

Inspector Carraco searching for clues.

Finally a breezy rain broke through the fog, and I saw the finish line. This was the Rock and Roll marathon series, so of course there were plenty of live bands along the way, including lots of jazz bands. Try to guess how many times I heard When the Saints Come Marching In.


At mile 12.6, the race divided and the half marathoners turned off to the right. I’ve never been so happy to see mile 13. I waved at all the people running the marathon and thought to myself “haha, suckas. I’ll be drinking a hurricane before you get to the finish line”.

And so I did.


There were also beignets, but I failed to take a picture of them. Will took a picture of me crossing the finish line, but he’s still a little slow on the draw, so it’s pretty much just a picture of a tiny blue dot running towards an archway. Don’t take Will to a gunfight.

Finish line 2

Last but not least: Megan’s Favorite Signs-

1.) Geaux Runners

2.) I thought this was a Mardi Gras parade

3.) Do Epic Shit

4.) It’s called GATOR ade for a reason

That’s a wrap! As always, the spectators, volunteers, musicians, and cheerleaders were phenomenal. The crowd is ALWAYS the best part. Thanks for your support and participation! We all win!


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2 Responses to Race wrap up- The Big Easy

  1. whatever, at least i know how to shoot

  2. margaret says:

    way to go! NOLA ❤

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