Richmond Marathon

Richmond Marathon


On Saturday Marci ran her second marathon, and Shawna and I drove out to Richmond to cheerlead.

You can’t tell from this picture, but my poster was brilliant. Those legs were attached with a brad and they swing back and forth when I shake the poster. Lots of women ran by and said “yeah! girl power!”

This race was fun for spectators because there were only 6,000 people total. This meant that we could easily see Marci coming, and also that our cheers were that much more appreciated since the crowd was much thinner than the Marine Corps Marathon. The runners also had their names printed on their bibs so Shawna and I cheered for Marci, but also for 100s of other people. True story- I rang my bell so hard, I actually have tennis elbow now. That’s right. I got injured WATCHING a marathon.

Marci hit her target and PR’ed. It was epic. Also she ran by and didn’t even look sweaty. There’s some meme about a guy who goes for a jog, looks ridiculously photogenic. That was how Marci looked.


marathon guy


P.S- If anybody knows this guy, Marci is single. Just sayin’.


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