The sh*t nobody else will tell you

Here goes:

1.) Wear body glide. Everywhere. It’s cheap and it works and it prevents chaffing/gets your wetsuit off without a struggle. Put it on your toes and your bra strap, and men- for the love of Pete, put it on your nipples. Nobody wants to see bloody nip guy. Better yet, get some nip guards. Nobody will know you’re wearing them, but EVERYONE will know if you’re NOT wearing them.

The Office

2.) Use Diaper Cream. They make diaper cream called A&D because it’s full of vitamins A&D. It can be used on any chapped skin to form a waterproof barrier. You can put it on chapped lips, or all the places that you would normally think to put diaper cream. You’ll thank me later.

3.) WEAR BLACK SHORTS. This goes for men and women. You are sweating and doing who knows what else in those shorts for 26.2 miles. i’m not judging you, but for the sake of all that is holy, WEAR BLACK SHORTS. I’m talking to you, guy in the gray shorts from last year’s MCM.


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