Sh*t my trainer says

On Tuesday I went to a 45 minute Sports Conditioning class at my gym. Seriously, y’all. It was only 45 minutes. Taught by a skinny 60 year old man. I STILL can’t walk right. I’m THAT sore.

Mostly he yelled a command and then ran around the room yelling at people GET LOWER! THAT’S NOT LOW ENOUGH! COME ON, FAT LADIES! IF YOU DON’T SQUEEZE YOUR ASS, NOBODY ELSE WILL! MOVE MOVE MOVE!

“If you don’t squeeze your ass, nobody else will.” That’s fantastic. I think I have a new training mantra.


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One Response to Sh*t my trainer says

  1. Samantha says:

    Your trainer sounds like Richard Simmons. Out here in LA, he still teaches fitness classes. You have to show up early to get a spot in the class. But it’s supposed to be awesome.

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