City Livin’

Yesterday was Monday, Labor Day to be precise, so I had the day off work. Fortunately for me, Rock Creek Park was closed to traffic, as though it were a Sunday. Bonus! This makes for a nice 30 mile out-and-back ride to the Mormon Temple.

I signed up to do the Giant Acorn International distance triathlon at the end of September, and so far my bike training has consisted of riding my bike to softball and to run errands. So, I decided to go for a ride, even though it was getting dark and I didn’t have much time to spare.

I left my house at EXACTLY 5:50pm. I know this because I looked up the time for the sunset and knew I had only 1 hour and 45 minutes of riding before sunset. I headed out to Rock Creek Park, and everything seemed normal around 6pm. On my return trip, there were 80 bazillion police officers and an entire parking lot was taped off with crime scene tape. I thought to myself “oh, no. They’ve found a body in the creek”. This is the same park where Chandra Levy’s body was found. The police were interviewing several people in the parking lot and did in fact appear to be pulling something out of the creek.

This morning, I saw this.

A day in the life in DC…


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