Kara wants to sell my kidneys

Kara is my running buddy, and also a physician’s assistant. This means she has some sort of medical training most likely not from mob doctors or WebMD.

Last week Kara told me that I should take a bath in a BATHTUB FULL OF ICE after my runs. She said this will help with sore muscles and inflamation and blah blah KARA IS TRYING TO SELL MY KIDNEY. Nice try, Kara. I have netflix. I have seen many scary movies. A guy goes on a date, passes out, wakes up in a bathtub full of ice and only has one kidney.

Not only are you suggesting I dunk my lady bits into a fridgid bathtub, but you also have the medical skills necessary to liberate my vital organs from the abuses of Bailey’s and Kahlua. I’m not falling for this. Even if you’re not trying to make a quick buck on the organ market, I’m pretty sure Kate Winslet didn’t look too thrilled in the last 20 minutes of Titanic. Because submurging your limbs in the icy Atlantic does not a happy woman make.

The googles tell me that if you can tolerate 10 minutes in the ice bath, there ARE benefits to be had. Nowhere on google does it tell you if those benefits outweigh the misery of dunking your bits into ice cold water. TBD.


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