Buns of Aluminum

This week Coach T’s training plan said to do a hill repeat workout. The plan said to find a steep hill, run up hard for 90-120 seconds, then jog down, then repeat with no rest 4-5 times. 

I did the math and figured this would be a quick “easy” work out since it shouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes. 

Let me assure you, “quick” and “easy” are not the same thing.

After the first rep I thought this is ok. I can do 4 more of these. Then the second rep man, this hill is getting steeper. Then by the 4th rep- Holy cow, my legs weigh thousands of pounds. How did my legs get so heavy? Who replaced my quads with jello?? Where did all my muscles go? What if I pass out before I make it to the top and then I just roll down this hill and the soul-sucking hippies of Columbia Heights just laugh at me and eat their organic tofu?

I do not know how I made it to the top of the hill the 5th time. It helps that the construction crew across the street was cheering me on each time. 

Today we had a long run and my glutes (that’s a fancy term for butt) had not forgiven me for that hill workout. I told Shawna that I thought I’d keep doing these hill workouts every week and maybe soon I’d have buns of steel. Coach T burst my bubble and told me I’m only allowed to do them every other week, so Shawna consoled me by telling me I could still have buns of aluminum. So that’s my new goal. Buns of aluminum.

Also, I came home and found this adorable drawing on my whiteboard.




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