Knee Haters

If you read The Oatmeal’s hilarious running cartoon yesterday, you may have stuck it out past the pictures and all the way to the fine print at the bottom.

The Oatmeal made a pretty good point down there in the fine print.

Usually when I tell people I’ve picked up long distance running as my new expensive and ouchy hobby, they feed me a schpeil about how long distance running is going to destroy my knees. “Oh, you’ll be sorry in a few years when they have to replace your kneecaps with robots and alien saliva. That’s why my hobby is knitting.” I’ve heard this speech about 1,000 times.

I’ll concede that the Spaghetti Monster may have been drunk when he invented kneecaps, and that they’re structurally flawed pieces of bio-engineering from the get-go, but I will not sit idly by and let the knitters of America scapegoat long distance running anymore!

As The Oatmeal so deftly points out, long distance running is good for weight control, lowering cholesterol, reducing stress, and building healthy hearts and lungs.

Would you care to venture a guess as to the ACTUAL culprit of most knee pain? You guessed it. It’s obesity.

Here are some academic sounding articles written by people smarter than me to prove my point:

So there you go, haters.


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