The slutty pumpkin

I’ve said before that for every situation in life worth blogging about, there’s an applicable episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Have you ever seen the episode where Ted meets the Slutty Pumpkin (Katie Holmes)? Ted goes to a halloween party and meets this girl dressed as a slutty pumpkin. Somehow he leaves without getting her number, and then for the next 5 years he goes to the same halloween party dressed as the same costume, in the hopes that he’ll see her again.

Slutty Pumpkin


This year at the Nike Half Marathon, we saw some pretty good costumes. The best of which was clearly the guys dressed as slutty Queen of Hearts. I had a good laugh and then thought I’d never see or hear from any of them again.

Then the internets led me to this guy.


I realize this is the second post I’ve written in a row about this costume, but holy hell! What are the odds?

Also, Queen of Hearts guy is looking for his slutty pumpkin. Apparently some girl ran by and made a phone out of her fingers and mouthed “call me”. He’s been looking for her ever since. If that was you, comment on his blog. Come on, he’s earned it.


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