Spectators are the best


I read this post today and it made me cry a little bit. I can’t begin to explain how important the spectators are to the race. Even though I know there are thousands of runners and only one or two spectators are actually there for me, I feel like every sign, every high-five, every costume is my own personal cheerleader.

I say all the time that Yogi Berra was right- half this sport is 50% mental. It’s important that we believe we can do this. It occurred to me today that it’s also important that OTHER people believe we can do this. And it doesn’t matter if those people are complete strangers.

The guy who wrote this post is absolutely right. Positive energy is contagious. If you’ve never been to spectate a race, I highly recommend it. It’s a great exercise in camaraderie and the human spirit. It’s one of the few experiences in sports where everyone who participates is a winner, and everyone benefits by their neighbor’s success.

I was devastated when the spectators in Boston were injured, because they’re so important to the experience. I hope that the spectators at MCM this year will not be deterred. Please come out and bang your tambourines, blow your whistles, and wear your costumes.  You are truly greatly appreciated.


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