New Year’s Resolutions

Do you remember the last month of summer vacation? Do you remember how excited you got when your parents took you back to school shopping for new clothes, bought you all your pencils and notebooks, and binders? Do you remember getting your class schedule and labeling all your binders with your class names? Did you say to yourself, “this year, I’m going to be so organized! This year I’m going to do everything right. This year I’m going to get all A’s!”

That’s more or less how I feel right now. I finally got a spot in the Marine Corps Marathon, and I finally ponied up and paid for another DTP session with Potomac River Running. Coach T just emailed me my training plan, a “supply list”, and a bunch of running information.

I remember last year running out and immediately buying all the items on the supply list (remember, COTTON IS ROTTEN). I taped my training plan to my desk. I planned my social engagements around recovery weeks.

And yet, I still didn’t beat Oprah. (Oprah beat me by 16 minutes. SO CLOSE!)

At the end of last year’s marathon Marci and I made a list of all the things we’re going to do right this year: We’re going to actually do those hill work outs that Coach T told us to do, we’re actually going to wear our compression socks, we’re actually going to stretch, we’re actually going to do those core workouts.

I have my training plan. I have my supplies. I have my motivation. Now it’s just time to put the work in.

P.S- My friend Victoria told me yesterday that her fiance thinks he’s going to beat me in this year’s MCM. Bring it on, Mike. Bring. It. On.


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