Summer Reading List

If you only read one marathon book, read “The Non-Runners Marathon Guide”. It’s available on Amazon, or if you are lucky enough to know me, I’ll loan you my copy. I have an actual paper copy. Yes, they still make those.

For some light reading, you might check out “The Non-Runners Guide for Women” by Dawn Dais. It’s not nearly as hilarious as my blog, but equally as light-hearted a journey and written by a fellow virgin marathoner.

One of my all time favorite books is “Miles From Nowhere” about a totally normal person who rode her bike across the world. It’s not so much about fitness, or even biking really, but definitely a good read.

I’m about to go to the beach for 8 days and looking for some reading to take with me. I’m looking to you for suggestions. Has anyone read “It’s not about the bike”? I’m wondering if it’s still credible or worth reading.

Any other suggestions? I’m not looking for a textbook on lactic acid or threshold runs, just looking for something to read at the beach.


One minute after I posted this:

 Will:  you could read the game of thrones books
the rest of the hunger games books
your boyfriend president’s books
 Sent at 9:28 AM on Thursday
 me:  are any of those books going to inspire me to run another marathon?
I broke up with my boyfriend Lance Armstrong
but I kind of still want to read his book
but it makes me feel dirty
maybe if I read it furtively, then hide the evidence
 Will:  kindle is good
you can delete it and tell it not to recommend off of it
 me:  i dunno
i feel like it’s going to haunt me
it’s going to put some sort of virus on my kindle
and then I’m going to have a subscription to big boobies monthly 

“It’s not about the bike” is the new “50 Shades of Gray”. Though, my mom read the Gray trilogy unapologetically on an airplane, so maybe I’m genetically pre-disposed to not having shame.


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