Overheard on 11th Street

Guy 1: Where did you get your helmet?

Guy 2: City Sports. But I got the expensive one. 80 bucks.

Guy 1: What? Isn’t that a lot for a helmet?

Guy 2: How much is your head worth?



Pop Quiz: Which protects your head more? A $10 helmet or an $80 helmet?

A.) The $10 helmet

B.) The $80 helmet

C.) The $80 helmet protects your head 8 times as much as the $10 helmet

D.) They’re the same

If you answered D, you win. All helmets made and sold in the United States are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They all meet the same safety standards. Helmets with Bert and Ernie protect your 5 year old’s brain just as much as Lance Armstrong’s some cool guy’s helmet protects his brain. In some triathlons, it’s a requirement to show your helmet’s CPSC sticker, so don’t take it off. No black market helmets from Taiwon, guys!

Why does the fancy helmet cost more? Probably because it has neat features like a pony tail hole, aerodynamic design, and vents to keep your head cool and dry. Coach T told me once that my helmet makes me look like a goober. Don’t care. Coach T is not the first, nor will she be the last person to think I’m a goober. My brain is nice and safe in my $20 helmet, and that’s good enough for me.


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