Help a sister out

Remember when Daisy Buchanen was driving drunk and angry and ran over Myrtle? Daisy bit the fat one and a lot of people suffered as a result- Myrtle, Tom, Gatsby, and probably an entire town of characters who weren’t important enough to write about.

That’s more or less what happened to the Marine Corps Marathon registration. The company that was responsible for the registration process pulled a Daisy and their website crashed, meaning thousands of people who were ready to click REGISTER at the moment the race website opened were left with error messages and broken hearts.

Unlike Daisy, the company apologized and attempted to make amends by donating the profits from the MCM registration to the wounded warrior project. While I support this donation, it doesn’t do much to help my current situation. I am sans bib for the big race.

Most assuredly someone will get injured and sell their bib on facebook, and I can probably get a bib that way, but I thought I’d just put this out there now in case anyone reading has a bib to sell or knows someone with a bib to sell. Bibs are totally transferrable, so don’t worry, the Marines are more than happy to take my money. HOOAH!

Anyways, help a sister out. If you or someone you know gets injured/changes their mind/decides to try for another year, sell me your bib!

Thanks for your consideration.


I got a bib. You guys are awesome. 🙂


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