Yesterday I decided I should finally find a way to display my bling. I keep seeing these cool (expensive) medal displays at the expos, but can’t seem to fork over $40+ for some metal hooks. (I told you it’s no secret I’m the world’s biggest cheap skate.)

After work yesterday I found these key hooks at Target. They were only $4.99, so I figure if they aren’t sturdy enough to hold my bling, at least they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I hung them in the entryway right underneath the whiteboard where I leave adorable notes for Will.



After hanging these up, I was pretty proud of myself. Right up until I searched the interwebs and discovered there are lots of people out there displaying their bling in funnier/more creative/cleverer ways than me.

medal display medal tree


quitter display

If you have a clever way of displaying your bling, tell me about it! Or better yet, send me a pic.


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One Response to Bling

  1. Meredith S. says:

    Sweet! Good idea. I’ve been wondering what to do with my lone medal. It needs friends. And somewhere to go.

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