Race Wrap Up- Nike Women’s Half Marathon

First of all, I should start off by saying how much I’m enjoying the women’s races. The Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon have been 2 of the best I’ve ever done. The expos are full of sports bras, luna bars, and estrogen. i did it...and wtf all you guys who ran

So there were a bunch of guys running.  What the hell? Are you into Tiffany’s? Ok, thats cool.  Enjoy your necklace presented by a tuxedo clad ROTC hunk and your woman sized shirt.


I made my own race shirt.  My drunken husband failed to cheer me on, or even bring me a fruity frozen drink afterwards.  To combat this expected failure, I made myself a professional looking shirt featuring my name and the nike logo so that random strangers would cheer for me.  I was a golden g-d…..or at least had thousands of strangers cheering on this person with their name on their shirt.


Other than the sleeping with bimbos and millions of dollars, Tiger Woods and I are on the same level- We both represent Nike.  Kids cheering and high-fiving me. Not winning but finishing and being the talk of the town.  But I had no penalties for illegal drops or weaseling out of a disqualification.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

P.S- I PR’ed.

2 hours and 9 minutes, homies.


Megan’s Favorite Signs:

1.) 15,000 women??? This is better than Match!

2.) Do you believe in love at first sight or should I relocate to mile 10?

3.) My girlfriend ran 13.1 miles and all I made was this sign


5.) Your pace or mine?

6.) You’re F AsT!



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