To the lady who cussed me out in Rock Creek Park yesterday…

Yesterday I was running on the Southbound trail from Pierce Mill, towards Georgetown. This trail is pretty narrow and congested with joggers, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a bike ride. But I especially wouldn’t recommend trying to bike on the extremely narrow bridge just outside the zoo.

Unless you’re a 60 year old Crankypants that I saw yesterday. Crankypants not only decided to ride accross the narrow bridge, but when she met me in the middle, she almost ran me over. Then she screamed F@*# YOU! into my ear. Shame on you, lady. Shame.

I’m not going to lie, Crankypants. For a split second I contemplated giving you one swift shove and letting you and your bike land in traffic. For a split second. I obviously didn’t do it, nor did I yell any explitives back at you. I just kept running. Because that’s what runners do.

First of all, people, the running community has had a rough go of it the past few weeks, so let’s all act like human beings and treat runners with kindness and decency. As a 60 year old lady, I’d think you would have learned how to act like a decent human being by now. And second of all, runners, I think this little incident was sort of a metaphor for how I feel about the running community lately. There are always going to be jerks out there. There are always going to be obstacles. But none of that matters to us. We just keep running.


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