Race Wrap Up- Bethany Beach Half Century

Yesterday Kate and Sonya and I went to Bethany Beach, Delaware for the Ocean to Bay half century.

The tour had a rolling start so we waited for the rain to stop and finally got going at 9am. The course was flat and fast, but we were dealing with some pretty ferocious wind. There were certain points when we turned a corner and we had to get in a single file line and take turns drafting off each other. Other than the wind and cold, it was a fairly easy ride. I used my brand new aerobars for the first time, so I thought my back would be sore today, but it’s not.


BIke 1


BIke 2


Bike 3

Maybe it was because we got a late start, but this tour seemed to have a relatively high number of older, less serious cyclist. The tour also took us through some areas of heavy construction, and you know what that means…Flat Tire City.

As an experienced cyclist with incredibly bad luck, I’ve probably experienced at least 12 flat tires. At this point, I carry spare tubes and C02 canisters at all times, and I can change a tire in under 5 minutes. However, these older less serious bikers not only didn’t know how to change a spare tire, they didn’t carry flat kits with them ON A FIFTY MILE RIDE. They ended up waiting on the side of the road for up to 2 hours for the SAG wagon to come and rescue them. This is a fix they could have done themselves in 5 minutes, had they been properly prepared.

I don’t want to get on a soapbox here, but I think if you’re going to drop $900 on a road bike, and commit to riding 50 miles in a day, you learn to change a flat tire, yes? Yes. So, let’s all do ourselves a favor and watch this youtube video. And carry spares. Ok?


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