Bethany Beach half century

Tonight the girls and I are leaving to go to Bethany Beach to ride a half century tommorrow morning. A “century” is a 100 mile bike tour, so a half century is a 50 mile bike tour. This is not a bike race. There will be a rolling start with lots of rest stops full of peanut butter sandwhiches, bananas, gu’s, and gatorade. Plus lots of beautiful scenic spots for pictures. Will definitely post updates with photos.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still really upset about the attacks at the Boston Marathon this Monday. I’ve thought about nothing else this week. I’m glad my friends are safe, but I’m still very shaken. I told my mom yesterday that none of the other terrorist attacks (9/11, Oklahoma City, ect) felt real to me because I didn’t feel connected with the city, the people, or the event. This time, it feels personal. Very personal. Those were my friends, my sport. I was streaming the coverage of the race to my computer all morning, watching with baited breath. This is probably how every weight lifter in the world felt during the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Hopefully this bike tour will be cathartic. Will report back soon.


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