An unspeakable tragedy

Yesterday Coach T ran her 20th marathon on what would have been a perfect day.

Shortly after she crossed the finish line, 2 bombs exploded killing and injuring spectators in the stands. Thousands of runners were still on the course.

I’ve posted before that the volunteers and spectators make it all worth it with their cheers, their signs, their costumes, their duck whistles, their spirit, and their creativity. Marci wrote a beautiful facebook post yesterday about spectators pushing the runners to run farther than their minds think they can run. It’s completely true. There’s just something that happens when you turn the corner after 25 miles and you hear the crowd and you see people clapping and cheering. The spectators are by far the best part of the marathon.

I’m glad to know that Shawna, Coach T, and all the runners from PRR are safe and accounted for. My heart breaks for the spectators that were injured yesterday. I hope this only encourages more people to band together, support each other and the running community, and be a force of nature at the Marine Corps Marathon this October.

Whoever did this, you will be caught. You will be punished. I am not afraid of you.

Spectators, I’ll see you in October. Be well.


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