I’m injured. What else is new?

During the rock and roll half marathon, my knee exploded.

Not really, but it did hurt like a mother. It sort of felt like someone was sticking a giant needle into the outside part of my knee and then I also had a pinched nerve going up the side of my leg from the outside of my knee up to my hip.

I’ve now learned that this is likely Iliotibal Band Syndrome- in other words, I need to stretch my IT band. Have you ever tried to stretch your IT band? Yeah, dude, it’s impossible. Pretty much the only way to do it is to roll on a foam roller. So this weekend I walked my injured self to the running store to purchase said foam roller. (Note. Do not go to the running store alone when you are injured. You will want to buy EVERYTHING in the rehab section. Seriously.)

IT band

This morning I rolled on the foam roller, and holy crap that thing is painful. I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear me groaning through the ceiling. Let’s hope the rolling and compression will get me healthy enough to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this weekend. Fingers crossed, kids.

P.S- I took a picture of the foam roller, but for some reason wordpress isn’t letting me upload pictures today. Write your Congressman.


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One Response to I’m injured. What else is new?

  1. Will says:

    just letting you know your congressman doesnt care

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