For my friends who are running/spectating the Boston Marathon

Did you need a little inspiration today? You did? Well then, click on the link to read about Team Hoyt.

Team Hoyt is a father and son duo who competes in ironman distance triathlons, the boston marathon, and every race in between. The catch? Rick Hoyt has cerebral paulsey, and his 71 year old father, Dick Hoyt, pulls him in a boat, pushes him on a bike, and then pushes a special racing wheelchair for 26.2 miles. This guy is in his 70s, pushing another full sized human being, and he still has a marathon time over an hour faster than mine. You win, Dick Hoyt. You. Win.

Next week the Boston Marathon will honor Dick and Rick with a bronze statue of Dick pushing his son’s wheelchair across the finish line and Rick raising his arms and proclaiming the team motto: Yes You Can.

The next time anyone tells me “I can’t run a marathon” I’m just going to tell them “Yes You Can”.

When the gestapo lets me upload pictures and video again, I’ll add the video from this article. If the video doesn’t make you cry, you might not be human.


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