Race Wrap Up- RNR

This race was a tricky one. The weather forecast called for cold and rain, and when I was standing in the street at 6:30am, it was pretty darn cold. Coach T encouraged me to shed my layers, and that woman is never wrong, so off they went. I’m glad I listened to her because  I was pretty warm after mile 1.

Around mile 5, the race course veered off Rock Creek Parkway and up Calvert Street into Adams Morgan. This was by far the longest, steepest, most difficult hill I have ever encountered on a race. At some point on this hill, my knee did something wonky and it was game over after that. I lost Shawna and Kara and was hurting so much that I was actually tempted to give up. I walked a little to try and break it up, but this one was a hard one, folks. DNF is an acronym I don’t ever want to see behind my name, so I soldiered on.

Will was waiting for me at mile 11 with Lori and Brian who took my belt and hat and cheered me to the finish. In reality, I only missed my goal by 10 minutes or so and I technically PR’ed since the only other official half marathon I’ve ever done is Disney. I’m going to use this race as my time to beat next month at Nike Womens Half.

Race PIc



After the race we hit the beer tent and then headed to Eastern Market for some well earned brunch. For future reference, 18th Amendment has unlimited bloody mary’s, mimosa’s, and a brunch buffet for the low low price of $25. Plus, they’ll let you sit on the patio. Win!


It was pretty amusing to sit on the patio and watch the runners walk by. Marci joked that you could tell which runners had done the half and which had done the full because the full marathoners were waddling down Pennsylvania Ave.



Race BRunch


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