Rock On

I decided I didn’t want to be left out of The Rock and Roll (half) Marathon fun so I bought my friend Kelly’s bib. Kelly is resting her knees for an epic comeback, like Lance Armstrong a champion.

Anyways, I decided to run Rock and Roll on Friday. About 6 hours later, I came down with the flu. And I mean the flu of the century. I took the day off yesterday to drink gatorade and pray for survival. Today, I am back on my feet. The plan is to hydrate, rest, and build up good karma for the rest of the week. Shawna was sick as a dog the week before MCM and she beat me! Maybe it’s a good omen?

I think I’ll be good to go on Saturday, so if anyone wants to come out and cheer me on, call Will for deets.

Rock On.


About marathonermegan

Training for my first marathon
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