This weekend my mom got her hair cut and she told the hairdresser that I am a marathoner/triathlete. The hairdresser then told her that he qualified for KONA. Twice.

No biggie. He just raced Kona.

If you don’t know what Kona is, it’s the superbowl of triathlons. It’s an ironman distance (140 miles) and you have to qualify to race it. It’s the Boston Marathon of triathlons. Google it.

Anyways, now that my mom’s hairdresser has qualified himself as an expert opinion and WORLD CLASS ATHLETE, I’ll tell you what advice he shared with her. He said that the best thing he did for training was yoga. He said yoga taught him how to control his breathing and improved his time enough to qualify for Kona.

Color me impressed. If anyone has any insight to this yoga thing or has any books or videos they’d like to recommend, hit me up in the comments section or send me an email.


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