Oprah’s Favorite Things

It’s almost thanksgiving, which means if Oprah was still on the air, she’d be doing a “favorite things” episode. I figured I’d share my own “favorite things” since people seem to always ask what I wear/use when I train.

Shorts/pants: compression, compression, compression. I actually don’t wear any shorts or pants that aren’t compression. Under Armour makes some pretty good compression shorts/tights, but you can find good quality compression shorts and pants at Old Navy for much cheaper. All my shorts are from Old Navy. They only come in black and you’ll probably have to order online, but the savings will be worth it. Pro tip: unlike most running stores, old navy carries petites or ankle cut, so if you’re short and you’re looking for running pants, Old Navy is a pretty safe bet. Also, if you order one thing from them ever in your entire life, they will start emailing you 30% off coupons 3 times a week for the rest of eternity.

Shirts/Jackets: Remember your training mantra: cotton is rotten. I only wear moisture wicking non-cotton running shirts. These can be found at any running store or if you’re very picky you can find them at Target. Pro tip: Go to the athletic rack at Marshalls. You’d be surprised. I’ve found $30 shirts on sale for $10 at Marshalls. Nobody cares if your jacket is so last season.

Socks: Marathon training is about the only thing that would motivate me to buy a $15 pair of socks. Trust me, it’s worth it. If you don’t believe me, try running 18 miles with a blister. Go ahead, I’ll wait…..Done? Good. Now go to the running store and get some Brooks socks. The gray and orange ones are the best. They should say “race day” on the package, not “training day”. There are no shortcuts here. Shell out the $15 and get Brooks socks.

Visors: Go to a running store or any athletic store and get one of the visors with the stretchy stuff, not the ones you have to adjust. You’ll thank me later.

Shoes: Since everyone’s foot is different, you’re on your own for this one. For what it’s worth, my shoes are Nike. But do yourself a favor and go to a running store to be fitted.

And there you have it. A head to toe list of Megan’s Favorite Things!

I only wish I was as rich as Oprah and could give out samples to my readers, so I could see someone make this face.


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