Was there a full moon in Rock Creek Park?

So this weekend I went for a run in Rock Creek Park. It was pretty chili, so I dug out my running tights (pants) from last year, and went for a run.

A few things you should know: Runners in the know go commando. Coach T says “commando is cool”. Mostly because extra layers equal extra chafing.

Another thing you should know: If you run a marathon, your pants from last year will not fit anymore.

Also you should be aware that your fuel belt will pull your pants down. Thank you, fuel belt.

I feel like Yoda passing on 900 years of wisdom to you young running jedis and random strangers on the internet. You’re welcome.

Also, if you were in Rock Creek Park on Sunday, I’m Sorry.

May the force be with you.


About marathonermegan

Training for my first marathon
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