S#*t my neighbor says

I’ve been wanting to post this for over a week, but I applied to be a “social runner” for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and I didn’t want to be all Here’s my blog where I make fun of people. Inspirational, yes? Give me a prize!

The Cherry Blossom social runners have already been chosen I’m pretty sure, and even though I write a hilarious running blog, I was not picked. This s#*t is rigged. That’s the only explanation.

Anyways, here’s a hilarious conversation between me and my neighbor, that you can now enjoy because the Credit Union is run by nepotists or favoritists or something. (Unless the winners haven’t been chosen, in which case, pick me! I love the Credit Union!)

Me: I ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.

Mattias: Oh yeah? So did my friend. He’s crazy though. He didn’t train.

Me: Excuse me? Is that even possible? Are you sure he didn’t train 4 times a week for 19 weeks and then pretend to spontaneous run a marathon to impress you?

Mattias: Yeah. He’s crazy like that. He rode his bike there and he figured that was a good enough warm up, so he started the marathon at mile 4.

Me: He didn’t run a marathon.

Mattias: No, he did. And without training!

Me: He didn’t run a marathon.

Mattias: Well, 22 miles is pretty impressive.

Me: Nope. He didn’t run a marathon. Color me unimpressed. I wipe my butt with your friend’s 22 mile run.

Mattias: Well he was really sore afterwards.

Me: Yep. He deserves it. Cheater.


I’d like to point out that 6 months ago, I couldn’t run 5 miles without stopping. Now I am wiping my butt with this guy’s 22 mile run.


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