The Amazing Race

Last night I was wondering how I will occupy my mind during the marathon, since inevitably I will seperate from the girls at some point and since Coach has threatened me within an inch of my life that I am not allowed to use headphones.

Sometimes when we’re doing the long runs I make up stories about the other people in my group. There’s one young girl in my group who always runs with her dad. Whenever I’m behind them, I pretend we’re on The Amazing Race. It helps that this girl and her dad speak some language that is not English. I have no idea what they’re saying. I’ve decided that it’s German they’re speaking. It’s a good a guess as any. I pretend like I have to follow them to see where the clues are and I imagine how I am going to spend my winnings. I can’t let them beat me or they’ll get all the good prizes. (They always beat me.)

I’ve decided that is how I will handle the race. If I can’t think of any good things to motivate me, I’ll just make some up. You win a car if you finish! There’s free beer and pizza at the finish line! I also have the alphabet game and the knowledge that Sonya and Grace are riding around the course on their bikes and they could see me at any moment. I better look strong for their pictures.

Running Suit Up

I keep repeating Yogi’s mantra in my head. Half this sport is 50% mental. I’m going to keep saying that to myself throughout the run. Thank you, Yogi.


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