Cheer zones/where to meet me

Coach T sent out a list of “cheer zones” today. These would be great spots for my friends/family to cheer me on.

For anyone who wants to send me off, I will be at the race at 6am at the PR “party zone”, which is just an area in the runners village in the pentagon parking lot. Hopefully near the port o johns. There should be people in PR tee shirts and a tiny 100 pound woman with a cowbell. That’s Coach T.

She will not be this calm on race day

If you see this woman with 8 cups of coffee, a balloon, and a cowbell, I promise she is not crazy.

The rest of this list is directly copied and pasted from Coach T’s email:

Located on Lynn Street on the Metro side — across from Starbucks
We will have a Cheer Master there early to score us coffee as well as a good view!

Located on the corner of Lee Highway and Spout Run
We will have a Cheer Master there and a great group ready to celebrate your dig up that long Lee Highway hill!  (And yes — there is a Starbucks there too).

On Canal Road near the entrance to Georgetown University/the Gas Station.
We will have a Cheer Master there to snag a good sidewalk spot as this location allows for viewing you not once but twice!

Located on 14th Street – this will serve as a dual viewing spot for those heading just past 17 and those about to head over the 14th St. Bridge.
We will have a Cheer Master there and want a large crowd to help span the dual viewing spot!


Like Zone 4 – this will be a dual cover spot so those in VA — this would be a great destination!
We will have a Cheer Master there and need extra cheer power to rev runners through to get to my last rally at Mile 25.  I’ll be looking for text updates from this team to help keep me alert on approaching runners so I don’t miss them!

Located on Lynn Street in the finisher area by the buses /gear pick up!
We will have a few Cheer Masters there who have made their way from early location viewing spots so that no matter if you are doing the 10k or Marathon you will find us waiting to celebrate your victory!


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