Ankle Update

This weekend I spent my birthday in Dallas, which meant watching Big Tex go up in flames, and finding a new running trail to test out my ankle.

Luckily, Dallas has the beautiful Katy Trail, the perfect spot to test my ankle. On Friday, I ran 4 miles with my brace. On Saturday I ran 5 miles with the brace, and on Sunday I got pretty brave and ran 10 miles without the brace. The ankle is still purple and I’ve been getting some residual swelling so it feels fine during the runs, but stiff afterwards. I’ve been icing it every night and wearing my compression socks whenever I can. This week I’m going to take it VERY easy. Yes, Coach T, I promise.

We are running fartleks at track on Wednesday, and then after that Coach T has a moratorium on running until the marathon. So I’ll probably take today completely off since I ran 10 miles yesterday. I’ll probably run at most 3 miles on Tuesday, then track on Wednesday, then….omg, the marathon is SUNDAY. Holy moly. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Coach T says this is when we turn into “little green monsters from mars”. So, I apologize in advance if I get cranky and try to kill you this week.

Also, people have been asking where to meet me before the race begins. I will be at Coach T’s meeting spot, which she assures me will be near the port o potties. When I get more specific info, I will let people know. Don’t forget that traffic will be blocked off so it’s best to either take the metro to the pentagon or bikeshare. Alternatively you can drive and park in the lot and take the shuttle.


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