Have you ever had the dream that you went to school naked? Or that you registered for O Chem and then forgot to go all semester? Then you had to go take the final exam and you hadn’t studied or been to class all year?

I keep having nightmares that I trip and break my ankle two days before the race. Coach T told me to wrap myself in bubblewrap from now until MCM. She said not to play golf (rough sport that golf), not to go for treacherous bike rides, not to try to learn surfing or skateboarding, ect. I am wearing flats to work from now until Oct 28. I am avoiding puddles and wires and apparently golf clubs.

I’m pretty sure that for every life scenario, there’s an applicable episode of How I Met Your Mother. Has anyone ever seen the episode where Marshall doesn’t have health insurance for 2 weeks? He refuses to leave his apartment because he’s afraid of being mauled by bears. It could happen. There are lots of wild bears roaming New York City.

Relaxing hot shower? No. Bear attack.

Delicious bagel with shmear? No. Bear attack.

Bear hug? Sure, that sounds nice. Wait a second…


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One Response to Nightmares

  1. margaret says:

    this is, by far, my fave post to date. hate to hear about the nightmares but the HIMYM reference is hilarious!!!

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