The Farmers Almanac never lies

Last year I got married on August 27. When I picked a day for the wedding, I consulted the Farmers Almanac months in advance. The almanac predicted heavy storms. Did anyone listen to me? No. I’m looking at you, Will.

For anyone who does not remember August 27, 2011, we had hurricane Irene. Oh, and an earthquake in DC, but nobody could have predicted that.

The Farmers Almanac predicts Oct 24-27 to be “fair at first, turning unsettled”, and Oct 28-31 to be “mostly fair”. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the infallible Alamac has guaranteed me a fair weather race day.

Trust the Almanac.

October 2012
8th-11th. Strong disturbance off the Atlantic Coast. Heavy rains Mid-Atlantic States. Stormy, with gale-force winds along New England coast.
12th-15th. Fair, then showers return, accompanied by milder air.
16th-19th. Dry and mild.
20th-23rd. Severe thunderstorms move in, then clearing and unseasonable cold; widespread frosts.
24th-27th. Fair at first, then turning unsettled.
28th-31st. Trick-or-treaters enjoy mostly fair weather.

November 2012
1st-3rd. Fair.
4th-7th. Stormy, with heavy rain, snow, then clearing, cold. Wet for ING New York City Marathon.
8th-11th. Light snows, flurries New England, then fair.
12th-15th. Fair.
16th-19th. Stormy again, clearing, much colder
20th-23rd. Weather deteriorates by Thanksgiving. Fair, then rain mixed with wet snow mountains of New England. Cold rains Virginia, Maryland.
24th-27th. Mostly fair, cold.
28th-30th. Generally fair.

December 2012
1st-3rd. Snow Mid-Atlantic States to New England, then clearing.
4th-7th. Unsettled.


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