21 miles

This morning we ran 21 miles. Yes, 21 miles. This is the longest run we will complete in training. It was a cold and rainy morning and it only got colder as the day went on. This was probably a blessing in disguise because we haven’t had any cold and rainy days the entire time we’ve been training and it gave me an opportunity to test out my cold weather gear before the race. Last year it was unseasonably cold on race day, so I’m mentally preparing for bad weather.

Surprisingly, 21 miles didn’t really take it out of me. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t mentally exhausted. My stupid foot injury continues to bother me, but other than that I felt pretty good. The girls and I went for brunch afterwards, and I definitely earned my eggs Florentine.

We carpooled to brunch and on the way back to our cars, we saw a guy bouncing through Georgetown on a pogo stick. I’m totally serious. This guy was getting some serious air, too. Each bounce was probably 6 feet in the air. If I would have known what we were about to see, I would have filmed it with my iphone and put it up here for you to see, dear readers.

I’d also like to note that now that I am getting up at 5:30am on Sundays, I get the rare opportunities to see the trannies and hookers that roam Columbia Heights in the wee hours. If you’ve never trained for a marathon, you’re missing out on some pretty good early morning entertainment.


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