Killing me softly

“Megan is trying to kill me!” – Megan’s body, 2012

I’m pretty sure marathoning is slowly killing me. I had a pulled abdominal muscle, stress fractures, blisters, and a potpouri of aches and pains. On Friday I had both feet x-rayed. I still haven’t gotten the results back yet, but chose to do the long run on Sunday anyways. 15 miles. Ouch.

To distract myself from the incredible foot pain, I made my running buddies play the alphabet game with me. To play the alphabet game, you start with the first letter of the alphabet and say one thing about running- good or bad- that starts with that letter. Then it’s your buddy’s turn. So, I might say “A is for abs because running gives you great abs”. Then Shawna might say “B is for beer because that’s what I’m having at the finish line”. (btw, ALL of Marci’s answers were food. R is for ribs because I’m going to eat a rack of them. Whatever motivates you, Marci.)

We played this game a few times, though we got stuck on X every time. Somehow I do not think anyone is going to play a xilophone for us at the finish line.


About marathonermegan

Training for my first marathon
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