It was the snake’s fault

On Friday I went for a jog after work. I was planning on running 6 miles. After about 2 miles, I was on a path behind the National Zoo. This secluded little path is usually very serene. I was running along in quiet bliss when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a ginormous snake crossed the path right in front of me. I ALMOST STEPPED ON IT, Y’ALL. OMG. A snake. In the city. For reals.

The snake ruined my run. I had a legit panic attack. I couldn’t feel my arms and legs. I was lightheaded and dizzy. I drank all my water and there were no water fountains for miles. I had to give up and go home. Slowly. Stupid snake. If anyone happens to see that snake, tell it to leave me alone.


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2 Responses to It was the snake’s fault

  1. Meredith S says:

    OMG. Snakes are Megan Kryptonite. Stay away, snakes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will should go find that snake and turn it into boots. Scary ass boots.

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