“The non-runners marathon guide” says to visualize crossing the finish line and to create a “video tape” of sorts in your imagination. The book says if you’re having a bad run, you should pop in your imaginary video tape and watch it in your mind. The video tape can have anything you want. You can be crossing the finish line, receiving a gold medal, hugging your parents, ect ect.

In my video tape, I am crossing the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon and a big group of tough guys yells “HOOAH!”, which I’m told is a big deal. They don’t do that for just anyone. There’s no “Hooah! You did the laundry!” or “Hooah! You parellel parked!” There is however a “Hooah! You just ran 26.2 miles!”

That’s right, marine corps beefcakes. I am a marathoner. Prepare to Hooah.




…Also, thank you for your service. Semper Fi.


About marathonermegan

Training for my first marathon
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