This is what happens to procrastinators…

I’ve been talking about running the Walt Disney World Marathon for months. I have been on the fence about it because the race is in January, which would mean I would have to train in the brutal winter months in DC, and over the holidays while traveling to see family. BUT I really REALLY want a Mickey Mouse finishers medal. My friend Mike has one, and I’m nothing if not motivated by jealousy. Mike has one. I must have one. My precious

Today I decided to take the plunge and sign up. SOLD OUT. Nooooo! This is what happens to procrastinators. The lesson? Sign up for your marathon. Put it on your calendar. Tell everyone you know that you are doing it. Start a blog. Run.

I can still sign up for the Disney Princesses half marathon in February, but this will not result in me getting a Mickey Mouse medal. Feel free to make suggestions, mock me, or offer your condolences in the comments section.


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One Response to This is what happens to procrastinators…

  1. Meredith S says:

    Yeah, but your loss is my gain! Princess Half, here we come!

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