Race Eve

In addition to training for the Marine Corps Marathon, I’ve also been training for Nation’s Triathlon. This particular race is a 1 mile swim, a 24 mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run. Somehow 6.2 miles seems like small potatoes now that I’ve been running TO THE AIRPORT and back.

This is my 3rd triathlon, though it is my first triathlon of the “olympic distance” category. The others were sprints, which were only half as long. The race is tomorrow, which makes tonight Race Eve.

Race Eve is another scaretastic event. It’s the time when you suddenly doubt that you’ve trained enough, wonder if you have enough cliff bars, can’t remember where you put the sunscreen, ect. It’s also the day when you get to eat your weight in pasta and skip your workout. MMM.

If I don’t drown, I’ll post results tomorrow.

I’m not going to drown. Probably.


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