Deliriously happy

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter before your O Chem exam and then sat through a grueling 3 hour midterm that made some of your hair fall out? What did you feel like when you were done? Did you cry tears of happiness? Did you laugh and cry at the same time like a serial killer?

On Sunday we ran 18 miles. I’m not going to lie. I spent mile 16-17 contemplating poisoning Shawna’s gatorade. (weren’t we just supposed to run 16 miles?) Then, we crossed Key Bridge and I saw the finish line and I cannot explain what happened. I sprinted across the bridge and down the steps and high fived random strangers along the way. I’m sure most of Georgetown thinks they saw an insane woman this weekend. Then when I was done I collapsed into the grass and started laughing and crying. I kept saying “It’s done! I’m so happy! I finished! It’s over!” I don’t know what cocktail of adrenaline and oxytocin my brain was feeding me at this particular moment, but I’m pretty sure it’s a new one for me. Huzzah.


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