Aches and Pains

Yesterday was Sunday, and another LONGEST RUN. This time it was a 15 mile run. By the end of the run, everything above my ankles felt fantastic. I had lots of energy, my heart and lungs were playing for Team Megan, my head was even in the game. My feet on the other hand, were throbbing in agony. I took some advil before the run, but other than that, I’m not sure what to do about this problem. Suggestions are surely welcome.

I also returned home to find a big line across my lower back from where my fuel belt had rubbed against me while I was running. I’m thinking that next week, I’ll use a generous amount of bodyglide to try and keep that from happening again. Suggestions are also surely welcome.

In the meantime, feet, please be team players. kthnxbye.


About marathonermegan

Training for my first marathon
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