Searching for inspiration

When I first contemplated running a marathon, my friend Mike recommended a documentary called “Spirit of the Marathon”. It’s available on netflix streaming or hulu. The film follows marathoners at all levels and age groups as they prepare for the Chicago marathon.

One of the runners in the film is a 70 year old man who says he runs the marathon for the tee shirts. He says “This is my subtle way of saying I’ve done something that most people can’t do.” I let this quote inspire me for the first few weeks of training, but now I have to respectfully disagree. I fully believe that anyone, yes ANYONE can run a marathon. In the beginning, I used to say “if you have healthy legs and shoes, you can run a marathon.”

That was before Claire Lomas, a parapalygic, completed her first marathon in London. If Mrs. Lomas can complete a marathon without feeling her legs, I think I can push through my arch pain and side cramps.

Anyone can do this. I am anyone. You are anyone. We can do this.


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Training for my first marathon
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