Peanut Butter

peanut butter and chocolate- please do not dissapoint!

Part of the learning curve in marathon training is learning how to fuel properly. Fuel for runners typically comes in the form of gels, shot blocks, and jelly beans. Do not be mistaken, they do not taste like regular jelly beans. They are pretty gross. Well, the ones I have tasted so far have been pretty gross.

Yesterday I went to the running store to check out some new flavors. To my surprise (and delight!) they had peanut butter flavored gels. The ingrediants even say peanut butter! Holy cow! My favorite food in gel form! I won’t try them out until my long run this weekend, but I’m hoping they will not dissapoint.


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One Response to Peanut Butter

  1. Follow up- I couldn’t wait until Sunday so I tried the gel last night on my bike ride, and it was phenom. It tastes exactly like peanut butter and somehow the slimey gooey consistency of gel didn’t boterh me in peanut butter flavor. Great success!

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